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Ancient Tunisia - Colony and Empire

El Djem Amphitheatre, TunisiaEl Jem, TunisiaKairouan Mosque, Tunisia

Tour Factbox

11 days
6 – 16 May 2013
Price pp
£1,645 excl. flight
Single supp.
Flight time
5 hours
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  • Visit Dougga, one of North Africa’s best preserved Roman cities
  • Magnificent amphitheatre of El Jem
  • Explore the holy city of Kairouan

Throughout its eventful history Tunisia has had many guises; as the Phoenician colony of Carthage, as the ‘Granary of the Roman Empire’ and then as the medieval Muslim province of Ifriqiyah. Its development as an important trade centre ensured its centre stage role, leaving a richly decorated chronicle amply illustrated by Tunisia’s many fine museums, sites and monuments. 

Day 1  London/ Tunis – Fly to Tunis.

Day 2  Carthage - In the morning, visit the spectacular collection of Roman mosaics at the Bardo Museum before travelling onto ancient Carthage to explore the
Roman Amphitheatre, the Park of the Roman Villas, the vast Antonine Baths, The National Museum, Punic Ports and the ruins of the Tophet.

Day 3  Thuburbo Majus, Zaghouan, Tunis – Explore the Roman city of Thuburbo Majus with its impressive forum, Capitol Temple, towering Corinthian columns, Colonnade of Petronius and Winter and Summer Baths. Drive to Zaghouan where Hadrian’s Fountain marks the source of the water conveyed over 70 miles by aqueduct to Carthage.

Day 4  Oudna – Discover Oudna, site of the ancient Roman colony of Uthina, then drive to Dougga, one of the best preserved Roman cities in North Africa.
Explore its impressive theatre, dominating capital, Square of the Winds, Temple of Juno Caelestis and the Numidian Mausoleum before driving to the harbour
town of Tabarka.

Day 5  Tabarka, Bulla Regia, Chemtou – Explore Tabarka, a small harbour town overlooked by a Genoese Fort before heading to Bulla Regia with its
extraordinary underground Roman villas and the marble quarries at Chemtou.

Day 6  Makhtar, Kairouan – Visit Makhtar for its impressive Great Baths and triumphal Arch of Trajan. Continue to Kairouan, one of the holiest cities in the
Muslim world.

Day 7  Kairouan - See Kairouan’s Great Mosque, the shrines of Sidi el-Ghariani and Sidi Sahab and the Aghlabite Pools. Drive onto Sbeitla and visit Sufetula to
see the Byzantine basilica of St Vitalis with its beautifully decorated baptistery.

Day 8  El Jem, Monastir - Stop at At El Jem to discover the most splendid amphitheatre in the Roman world and the fine collection of mosaics in the Archaeological Museum. At coastal Monastir explore the impressive Islamic
fortified monastery known as the Ribat of Harthama.

Day 9  Monastir, Sousse - Visit the Museum of Monastir and the mausoleum of the first Tunisian president. At Sousse visit the ribat and the archaeology museum located in the Kasbah.

Day 10  Kerkouane, Tunis - Drive into the Cap Bon Peninsula to explore the town of Kerkouane, the best preserved examples of Punic urban architecture in
Tunisia. Visit Nabeul for the archaeology museum and the Roman ruins at Neapolis.

Day 11  Tunis/ London – In the morning drive to Utica, originally a Punic port, with an interesting kasbah. In the afternoon visit to Tunis’ Great Souk and the
courtyard of the Great Mosque before your flight back to London.

George Hart

George Hart

George Hart was for over thirty years a staff lecturer in the Education Department of the British Museum, specialising in ancient Egypt, the Bronze Age and Classical civilisations of the Mediterranean.

A frequent visitor to the Nile Valley, he has written books on Egyptian myths and religion, the Pyramid Age and, most recently, on the Pharaohs. He is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Egypt Exploration Society.

Lecturer Feedback

"George gave us a couple of pre-dinner lectures and some good briefings in the bus prior to picking up the local guide. He ensured a pleasant, harmonious trip without requiring us to do too much homework."  Traveller Tour participant, December 2013

"George's knowledge of Ancient History and the Classical sites is excellent. He is genial, very approachable, generous with his knowledge and ensured that he spent time with all of the participants. This further enhanced the trip and the very friendly atmosphere." Traveller Tour participant, December 2013




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