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Americas and Polynesia

Inca, Aztec, Maya, Moche and Moais – The Americas are blessed with a staggering choice of rich ancient cultures, many in beautiful jungle or desert settings, from the enigmatic statues of San Agustin in Colombia to remote Easter Island.


Peru - Ancient Pre Inca Civilisations

23 September – 5 October 2014  with Hugh Thomson

Northern Peru offers some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the Americas and a fascinating insight into the pre-Inca culture.

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Ouro Preto, Brazil

New Tour

Brazil - Footsteps of the Gold Trail

4 – 15 October 2014  with Dr Nancy Naro

Journey through one of Latin America’s largest and most diverse countries following in the gold trail from its source in the Minas Gerais region to the port town of Paraty.

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Coulourful houses in Candelaria, Bogota

A Colombian Journey

16 – 29 October 2014  with Sarah Woods

Colombia is one of the most remarkable countries in the Americas; a land of extraordinary natural beauty and diversity, as well as outstanding history.

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Tikal, Guatemala

The Maya World - Guatemala and Honduras

25 January – 9 February 2015  with Dr Nicholas James

This tour traces a great triangle through the spectacular Maya World. Visit some of Central America’s most scenic locations and explore the rich and vivid Maya culture, ancient and modern.

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