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Easter Island In-depth

Easter Island - Moia with Red Pukao or topknots

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13 days
1 – 13 Nov 2012
Price pp
£2,735 excl. flight
Single supp.
Flight time
16 hours
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  • Seven full days on the island exploring all the key sites
  • Led by the world’s leading authority on Easter Island
  • Unique and privileged access to excavation sites

Isolated in the South Pacific, and famously home to over 1,000 mysterious statues (moai), Easter Island is unique in the world. Accompanied by the world’s leading authority, this journey will trace the remarkable history and archaeology of the Rapa Nui as part of this in-depth exploration of the key sites, while examining the work of Katherine Scoresby Routledge.

Day 1  London/ Santiago de Chile - Fly overnight via Madrid.

Day 2  Santiago - Arrive in Santiago with rest of day to acclimatise.

Day 3  Santiago, Easter Island - Fly to Easter Island where you will be met by Jo Anne.

Day 4  Easter Island – An orientation of the island’s archaeological features, beginning at Cook’s Bay, like Katherine Routledge, then onto neighbouring Hanga Piko harbour. Explore Hanga Roa village, a reconstructed Tahai ceremonial site, Ahu Tahai, Ahu Vai Uri and Ahu Ko Te Riku.

Day 5  Easter Island – Visit Rano Raraku volcanic crater from where 95% of the moai were quarried. Climb down into the crater to explore the exterior slopes, quarries and statue transport roads. On to Ahu Tongariki with its 15 magnificent statues.

Day 6  Easter Island - Tracing Captain Cook’s 1774 path, view Ahu Vaihu, Hanga Poukura, Ahu Akahanga and Akahanga village. On to Akahanga Bay for its fallen moai, Ahu Hanga Te Tenga for its large moai, then cross the island for Papa Vaka petroglyph site. At Ahu Te Pito Kura is the largest ahu statue, the last to be toppled circa 1840. Finally Anakena beach, landing site of Hotu Matu’a, the island’s mythical founder. 

Day 7  Easter Island – See the massive stonework at Ahu Tepeu, the largest house foundation on the island, an underground cavern and Ahu Akivi, where seven re-erected moai represent the statistically average statue. On to Puna Pau crater where the red pukao crowns were carved. Finally see magnificent stonework at Ahu Tahiri.

Day 8  Easter Island - Ascend massive Rano Kau volcano to enter the reconstructed ceremonial village of Orongo, associated with the ‘birdman’ cult. Hundreds of petroglyphs adorn the rocks. See the original site of Hoa Hakananai’a, the famous moai removed by HMS Topaze (1868) and now in The BM and a ‘cannibal cave’ at Ana Kai Tangata. Afternoon to Sebastián Englert Museum.

Day 9  Easter Island - Free day with the option to re-visit sites. Evening traditional umu feast.

Day 10  Easter Island - Free morning. Afternoon optional boat excursion to view Moto Nui, an islet that figured in the birdman rituals (weather permitting).

Day 11  Easter Island, Santiago – Fly back to Santiago. 

Day 12  Santiago/ Madrid – A morning’s city tour with the afternoon at leisure. Evening overnight flight to Madrid.

Day 13  Madrid/ London – Arrive back in London.

EXTENSION IDEA: Extend your stay in Chilean Patagonia, the Atacama Desert or wine region, on a tailor-made basis. Please call to discuss.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Jo Anne Van Tilburg is Director of the Easter Island Statue Project, a Research Associate of the Institute of Archaeology and Director of UCLA’s Rock Art Archive.

She published Easter Island Archaeology, Ecology and Culture with BM Press in 1994 and Among Stone Giants, documenting the work of Katherine Routledge. Jo Anne currently has a grant from the Archaeological Institute of America for a moai conservation project.

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If you like this tour but our specific tour dates don't suit you we can arrange the same itinerary or similar on a tailor-made basis, please contact us to discuss.

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