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Peru - Ancient Pre Inca Civilisations


Tour Factbox

13 days
23 Sep – 5 Oct 2014
Price pp
£3,095 excl. flight
Single supp.
Flight time
16 hours
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  • Explore Peru’s less frequented historic sites
  • Meet with on-site archaeologists to gain privileged insights
  • Discover historic treasures with a backdrop of rolling valleys

While Machu Picchu is the poster boy for Peru, the northern part of the country offers some of the greatest archaeological riches in the Americas. Travel along the desert coast, discovering Moche cities and pyramids that pre-date Inca civilization. Explore northern Peru’s cloud forest that conceals a fortified, ceremonial city that rivals Machu Picchu in it scale and grandeur but does not have the crowds.

Day 1  London/ Lima - Fly overnight to Lima.

Day 2  Lima – Morning arrival and an afternoon tour of colonial Lima.

Day 3  Lima, Trujillo – Morning tour of the extensive Museo Larco before an afternoon flight to Trujillo.

Day 4  Trujillo – Tour colonial Trujillo and the Moche Valley, including the huge Temples of the Sun and Moon. Afternoon visit to the ancient adobe city of
Chan Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 5  Trujillo, Cajamarca - Visit the El Brujo archaeological site including the Cao Museum and the temple of Huaca Cao Viejo, home to the mummy of the Lady of Cao. Later take a city tour of Cajamarca where the Inca Emperor Atahualpa was held hostage by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

Day 6  Cajamarca, Leimebamba – Take a scenic drive to Leimebamba travelling across two cordilleras and the Rio Maranon Canyon. Visit Leimebamba museum and its collection of more than 200 Inca-Chachapoyas mummies.

Day 7  Leimebamba, Chachapoyas – Explore Kuelap; the Chachapoyan fortified ceremonial city set in the cloud forest, considered Northern Peru’s Machu Picchu. Explore the Macro towers en route to Chachapoyas.

Day 8  Karajia, Huancas - Drive to Karajia and visit a Chachapoyas cemetery, located atop a dramatic gorge overlooking the Utcubamba River. In the afternoon drive to Chachapoyas for a city tour before visiting Huancas.

Day 9  Chachapoyas – Day at leisure in the city of the “Warriors of the Clouds”.

Day 10  Chachapoyas, Chiclayo – Drive to Chiclayo stopping at the vast archaeological site of Tucume, known for its distinctive pyramids and mounds which were the residence of the Lords of Tucume.

Day 11  Chiclayo – Drive to Ventarron, a 4,500 year old site thought to represent the first evidence of civilization in northern Peru. Visit Huaca Rajada at Sipan, resting place of the Lord of Sipan and an insight into Moche culture. In the afternoon, spend time at the Museo Tumbas Reales in Chiclayo, considered one of the most modern and impressive archaeological museums in South America.

Day 12  Chiclayo, Lima/ London - Fly to Lima and take an overnight flight to London.

Day 13  London - Arrive London.

Hugh Thomson

Hugh Thomson

Hugh Thomson is a writer and film-maker whose first book, ‘The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland’, was created after twenty years of exploring Peru. He has previously co-led expeditions to Peru, discovering the Inca site of Cota Coca and extensive finds at Llactapata near Machu Picchu. His research and film making has taken him all over the world in his quest to shine a light on previously unknown treasures and people.  Hugh then went on to publish Cochineal Red, which focuses primarily on the pre-Inca civilisations of the north.  He unwraps those earlier layers of Peruvian civilisation to show how they flourished so spectacularly in the toughest and most arid of terrains.

You will be able to access additional information on Hugh on his website

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