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A wide choice of exciting European tours, ranging from Olympia and classical Greece eastwards through The Balkans to the snow capped mountains and monasteries of The Caucasus.

Valley of Temples, Agrigento

Christmas Tour

Christmas Tour in Sicily

20 – 27 December 2014  with George Hart

View the marks left by a mesmerizing variety of civilisations. Explore Sicily’s incredibly rich cultural heritage, visiting many fascinating sites on this beautiful island.

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Topkapi Palace

Christmas Tour

Christmas Tour in Istanbul

23 – 28 December 2014  with Rowena Loverance

Enjoy Christmas in Istanbul, viewing churches, palaces and mosques, which contrast with the contemporary hubbub of its vibrant streets and colourful bazaars.

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Hermitage, St Petersburg

St Petersburg - The Jewels of St Petersburg

25 February – 1 March 2015  with Katya Galitzine

Discover the delights of St Petersburg including the iconic Catherine Palace and the estate of Pavlovsk. Gain privileged access to the Hermitage's restricted areas led by Katya Galitzine.

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Sanilurfa Sacred Pool

New Tour

South East Turkey - with the Global Heritage Fund

9 – 16 May 2015  with Anthony Sattin

This tour has been designed alongside, and in support of, the Global Heritage Fund who have been successfully preserving some of South Eastern Turkey's most important cultural heritage sites.

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Viscri, Romania

New Tour

Romania - Transylvania - The Land Beyond the Forest

16 – 23 May 2015  with Lucy Abel Smith

Historically the buffer state between the Habsburgs and the Ottoman Porte, Transylvania was once a semi-autonomous part of the Kingdom of Hungry. Now part of Romania, this fledgling Kingdom has absorbed a diversity of cultures including Hungarians, Saxons, Romanians, Jews, Armenians, Swabians and Roma. This blend of cultures, architectural styles and traditions makes for a fascinating destination.

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Sanahin Monastery, Armenia

Armenia and Georgia - Ancient Lands of Transcaucasia

1 – 14 June 2015  with Dr William Taylor

Explore the rich Christian traditions and art in these picturesque countries and view the superb architectural heritage visible today.

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Albania - Landscapes of Illyria

30 August – 8 September 2015  with Rowena Loverance

Atmospheric Greek & Roman cities, mountainous scenery and friendly locals make this fascinating tour in the Illyria of ancient times.

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Caucasus, Georgia

Georgia In-Depth

20 September – 2 October 2015  with Ian Colvin

Georgia has a unique Caucasian culture, a rich Christian Orthodox heritage, dramatic mountain scenery, excellent food, superb wines and a deeply rooted tradition of generous hospitality and song.

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Nemrut Dagi, Turkey

New Tour

South East Turkey - Ancient Lands of Mesopotamia and Anatolia

24 September – 3 October 2015  with Dr William Taylor

Visit this much overlooked region of Turkey and discover Urartian castles, Armenian churches, the Syriac Orthodox Christian communities of the Tur Abdin as well as ethereal Lake Van and the extraordinary funerary complex at Nemrut Dagi.

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Macedonia - Alexander of Macedon Bust

Ancient Macedonia - Kingdom of Alexander

4 – 11 October 2015  with George Hart

Rich in art, architecture and other crafts from the royal Macedonian court and today’s archaeological excavations continue to bring to light the immense wealth and importance of this region.

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