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Mongolia - Land of Nomads

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14 days
25 Jul – 7 Aug 2014
Price pp
£2,480 excl. flight
Single supp.
Flight time
16 hours
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  • Explore the upland steppes of the arid Gobi Reserve
  • Overnight in traditional gers & delve into a nomadic way of life
  • The elusive Argali Sheep, the Siberian Ibex and the Przewalski horse

Discover how Mongolia is reasserting its strong nomadic roots, while exploring its interpretation and expression of Buddhism. Many monasteries have re-opened, monastic life flourishes and Genghis Khan is once more celebrated as hero and father of the Mongol people. Explore this vast country’s varied landscapes from its expansive steppes to the desert sands of the Gobi.

Day 1  London/ Ulaanbaataar – Fly overnight to Ulaanbaatar. 

Day 2  Ulaanbaatar – Morning at leisure. Afternoon visit to Gandan Monastery, guided by a lama and the Natural History Museum.

Day 3  Harhorin (Karakorum) – Drive to Harhorin (Karakorum), location of the capital of the Mongol Empire under Ögödei Khan. Visit Erdenezuu Monastery
which was the largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia with 1,000 monks and some 100 temples. Although only
walls and three temples remain, Erdenezuu is still one of Mongolia’s most fascinating sites.

Day 4  Högnö Khan Mountain – Visit Erdenekhombo, a small temple monastery, and ruined Övgön monastery. Explore the area on foot in the afternoon.

Day 5  Högnö Khan Uul, Hustai National Park – Depart east over the treeless steppes for the Högnö Khan Uul area, where many nomadic herdsmen live. Continue to Hustai National Park for a late afternoon game drive to
see herds of Przewalski horses, which have been reintroduced into the region, having once been extinct.

Day 6  Hustai National Park – Take a morning trek through the national park with stunning views over the Moltog Sands and the partly forested Hustai
Mountains. En route there may be opportunities to see red deer, black vultures and numerous types of raptor such as eagles and falcons.

Day 7  Hairhan Mountains, Arburd Sands – Drive across the steppes to the sacred Zorgol Hairhan mountains, where you may be able to see the elusive
Argali sheep or Siberian Ibex, having explored the area you then visit the nearby petroglyphs. Continue your journey across the rolling grasslands to your ger camp in Arburd Sands.

Day 8  Arburd Sands – A full day to discover this striking area of steppes and sands dunes. Visit a local nomadic family and experience traditional Mongolian
horse racing.

Day 9  Ulaanbaatar - After breakfast return to Ulaanbaatar. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 10  Ulaanbaatar, Ikn Nart – Depart the capital heading east by train to Ikn Nart, located on the upland of the arid Gobi steppes with huge rock formations and crevices scattered across the region.

Day 11 & 12  Ikn Nart - Explore this amazing Gobi reserve, meeting Gobi nomads and an opportunity to visit a nearby prehistoric dinosaur site.

Day 13  Ikn Nart, Ulaanbaatar - Drive back to the capital.

Day 14  Ulaanbaatar/ London – Return flight back to London.

Jane Blunden

A writer and journalist living in Gloucestershire,  Jane has specialised in Mongolia for the past 30 years.  In the early 80’s she played a fundamental part in the reintroduction of wild horses (Przewalski horse) to the region and has been frequenting Mongolia ever since.   Extremely well travelled, an experienced tour leader, and a prolific writer on the topic of Mongolia Jane is currently updating her 3rd edition of the Bradt Travel guide.  In more recent years she founded the Hibernian Oriental Society with her sister, a specialist in Chinese art.

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