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We are proud to have a team of guest lecturers who are all experts in their respective field. They are from a diverse range of backgrounds – museum curators, archaeologists, cultural historians and authors. As well as their evident academic credentials, they are all lively and entertaining speakers with a passion and infectious enthusiasm for their subject. All our lecturers endeavour to take a relaxed approach to the tour content, mixing lecturers and on-site talks with more informal conversations over drinks and dinner.

Aidan Dodson

Aidan has been leading tours for over 20 years and is a senior research fellow at the University of Bristol.

Amanda Cooper

Amanda's painting trips have taken her all over Europe and beyond. Having studied classical drawing at Studio Simi in Florence, Mandy now works in watercolour and pastel with a particular interest in light and atmosphere in the landscape.

Anthony Sattin

Anthony Sattin is a journalist, broadcaster and the author of several highly acclaimed books of history and travel.

Carlos Vivar

Carlos has been leading tours for over 15 years exploring the rich local cultures, Maya history, and natural beauty of Central America.

Carolyn Perry

Carolyn lectures in Greek history and mythology, she also led one of the first British tours to Saudi Arabia.

Chris Aslan Alexander

Author and Central Asia specialist, Chris lived in the region for over 15 years, speaks fluent Uzbek and has an indepth knowledge of the region and its culture.

David Sedat

David has been a Maya archaeologist for over 30 years, undertaking pioneering fieldwork.

David Treece

David is a translator, researcher and teacher of Brazilian popular music, literature and culture at King’s College London.

Denise Heywood

Denise is a lecturer, author, journalist and photographer, and worked in Cambodia for three years.

Dorothy Reglar

Dorothy is a garment designer/maker with a passion for textiles from foreign cultures, she developed a love of South East Asia whilst working with Oxfam.

Dr Jacke Phillips

Dr Jacke Phillips is a research and teaching fellow in the Department of Art History and Archaeology in SOAS University. Her Ethiopian fieldwork includes five seasons as Assistant Director of the Aksum Archaeological Research Project.

Dr Nancy Naro

Having travelled, taught, and conducted research in Brazil for over 40 years, Dr Naro lives in London where she is an Emeritus Reader of Brazilian History at King's College London.

Dr Nicholas James

Nicholas is a specialist in the social anthropology, history and archaeology of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Guatemala.

Dr Robert Morkot

Robert is a writer and senior lecturer in archaeology in the University of Exeter.

Dr Timon Screech

Timon Screech received a BA (Hons.) in Oriental Studies (Japanese) at Oxford, before completing his Ph.D at Harvard in 1991.

Dr William Taylor

William is a writer and broadcaster on the Islamic world and Orthodox Churches, having travelled extensively he speaks multiple languages.

Emma Dick

Emma is a specialist in woven and printed textiles and Turkish with Islamic art and archaeology.

Garth Gilmour

Garth is a biblical archaeologist who has worked in Israel and the eastern Mediterranean for over twenty years.

George Hart

George specialises in ancient Egypt, the Bronze Age and Classical civilisations, he worked with the British Museum for over 30 years.

Gina Corrigan

Gina has travelled extensively for over 35 years throughout China, pioneering new programmes.

Hilary Bradt MBE

Hilary Bradt is the Founder of Bradt Travel Guides. She was awarded an MBE for services to the travel industry and to charity in 2008 and in 2009 received a lifetime achievement award from the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Hilary Smith

Hilary is a cultural historian specialising in the art, archaeology and craft traditions of India and Iran.

Hugh Thomson

Hugh Thomson is a writer and film-maker whose first book, ‘The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland’, was created after twenty years of exploring Peru.

Iain Shearer

Iain has worked extensively on development and conflict archaeology and has excavated in many areas in the Middle East.

Ian Colvin

Ian Colvin has been involved in research in Georgia for over twenty years, speaks fluent Georgian and currently heads up the Anglo-Georgian expedition to Nokalakevi.

James Hoare

James spent 30 years working as a research analyst on China, Japan and the two Koreas and is now a broadcaster, teacher and writer mainly on North Korea.

Jane Blunden

A writer and journalist living in Gloucestershire, Jane has specialised in Mongolia for the past 30 years. In the early 80’s she played a fundamental part in the reintroduction of wild horses to the region and has been frequenting Mongolia ever since.

Jennifer Scarce

Jennifer specialises in Middle Eastern cultures and has worked closely with the National Museums of Scotland.

Jeremy Seal

Jeremy Seal is a travel writer, journalist, book reviewer, sometime broadcaster and tour leader. For over twenty years he has been travelling and writing with a particular enthusiasm for Turkey.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Jo Anne is Director of the Easter Island Statue Project, and is currently working on a moai conservation project.

John Bellezza

John Bellezza is a prolific writer, research scholar and explorer with over twenty-five years of intensive exploration, research and experience in cultural Tibet and the Great Western Himalaya.

John Sanday OBE

John was awarded an OBE for his contribution to heritage conservation in Nepal and Cambodia.

Jonathan Tubb

Jonathan has a particular interest in Palestinian archaeology and is keeper of the Middle East Department in the Bristish Museum.

Juliet Highet

Juliet Highet originally trained as a photographer and has lived in East & West Africa and India. Whilst living in Nigeria she began writing professionally and on her return to the UK began editing books and magazines.

Katya Galitzine

Katya is the Chief Executive of the Hermitage Foundation UK, which gives guests travelling in her groups special access to the Hermitage Museum collection.

Louise Nicholson

Journalist, author, conservationist and lecturer – Louise has been leading tours to India for almost 30 years.

Lucy Abel Smith

Director and founder of Reality and Beyond Ltd, Lucy has spent the last thirty years lecturing for art organisations and museum groups across the world.

Masha Nordbye

Masha Nordbye is an award-winning television/documentary producer, author, photographer and seasoned tour lecturer. Her first visit to Turkmenistan was in 1987 to produce a National Geographic documentary and she has returned many times since.

Maxine Relton RWA

Maxine is a full-time, independent artist and an elected Academician at the Royal West of England Academy.

Murat Siviloglu

Murat is a scholar of Ottoman history and an authority on Turkic art and architecture.

Nick Ray

Nick is a writer and author specialising in South-east Asia, where he has spent much of the last decade working.

Rebecca Bradshaw

Rebecca is a scholar of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology and Egyptology and has worked at the British Museum.

Rob Caskie

Rob was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal and specialises in the history and wildlife of South Africa.

Roger Peter

Roger has 15 years experience in archaeology travels and is a tourism consultant for community based tourism.

Rory Maclean

Rory is an award-winning writer and broadcaster and an expert on Burma.

Rowena Loverance

Rowena is editor and author of various works on Byzantine studies and worked with the British Museam for over 20 years.

Sarah Woods

Sarah is author of the Bradt guide to Colombia having lived and travelled extensively throughout Latin America.

Sussette Martínez Montero

An experienced curator, researcher and critic of contemporary Cuban art, Sussette has worked on countless exhibitions of contemporary art in Cuba and abroad

Sylvie Franquet

Sylvie Franquet is a fluent speaker in Arabic and has written numerous books on the Middle East and North Africa.

Tony Walsh

Tony has led tours and lectured in many middle eastern countries, now resident in Oman he holds in-depth insight into the country.

Warwick Bray

Warwick is professor, lecturer and author in Latin American archaeology.

Zara Fleming

Zara is an independent art consultant, researcher, cataloguer and exhibition curator with specialist knowledge of Buddhist art.

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