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Please find below a list of past Traveller tours for which we don’t currently have confirmed future departure dates. We can arrange your own private tailor-made tour based on any of these itineraries for 2 – 20 people. Please Contact Us or call the office to discuss.

Saint Stanislas Cathedral, Krakow

Road to Ruthenia - Poland and Slovakia

11 – 20 August 2010

Discover the origins of the kingdom of Ruthenia among beautiful landscapes and iconic cities.

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Ancient Olympics Statues

The Ancient Olympics

17 – 28 September 2010

Explore the history of The Olympic Games. Visit the key sites of the original games and learn about the roles religion and politics played in these festivals.

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Pantheon Dome, Rome

Ancient Rome Revealed

24 – 28 October 2010

Visit basilicas, arenas and temples dedicated to the gods and see vestiges of the extraordinary power and wealth which were once displayed in Ancient Rome.

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Mikae'el Amba

Ancient Ethiopian Churches

10 – 30 January 2011

This tour visits the rock-hewn churches at Lalibela’s World Heritage Site and highlights new chronological findings of enormous interest to travellers wishing to gain original insights and discover the soul of Ethiopia.

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Byzantine Italy - Byzantine gold icon

Byzantine Italy - Ravenna and the Head of the Adriatic

May 2011

Historical Tour of Byzantine Italy's beautiful art & architecture. Visit Ravenna, Pomposa, Venice, Trieste & the Head of the Adriatic.

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Ladakh Lake, India

Ladakh - Crossroads of High Asia

July 2011  with Zara Fleming

Experience the wonders of this arid region of stark beauty, gompas, journeying traders and entrenched enigmatic traditions.

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The reclining Buddha statue in Dambulla Cave, Sri Lanka

Art and Archaeology of Sri Lanka

8 – 20 September 2011  with Hilary Smith

Lapped by the Indian Ocean’s warm waters and an important player in the spice and gem trades, Sri Lanka boasts a rich historical heritage and culture.

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Alcazar Garden, Seville

The Phoenicians in Iberia

19 – 23 September 2011  with Jonathan Tubb

Follow the Phoenicians' expansion into Iberia visiting Almunecar, Cadiz, Huelva & Seville, concentrating on their colonies and trading posts in Andalucía.

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The Theater at Delphi

The Oracles of Greece

6 – 13 October 2011  with Carolyn Perry

Travel through ancient Epirus in Northwest Greece exploring the sites of the oracles and their place in Greek religious culture.

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Cathedral of Pecs, Hungary

Hungary and the Danube

8 – 15 October 2011

See Hungary’s fascinating culture, spanning Celtic, Roman, Early Christian, Renaissance and Ottoman empires, including Budapest's many treasures.

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Ruins of an ancient amphitheater in Old Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Roman Bulgaria

24 October – 3 November 2011  with Rowena Loverance

Trace the imperial expansion of Rome which turned the loess plains of the Danube and the rugged mountains of the interior into a Roman province.

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Lalibela, Ethiopia


2 – 17 November 2011

Tour the cultural northern half of Ethiopia to view the pervasive heritage of the Orthodox Church, visiting five UNESCO World Heritage sites including the rock cut churches at Lalibela, the stelae at Axum, the Islamic city of Harrar and the Simien Mountains.

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Vishwanath Temple, Khajuraho, India

Heart of India - Khajuraho and beyond

11 – 22 November 2011  with Hilary Smith

For those wishing to delve deeper into India’s treasure trove, this tour reveals some of the gems of Madhya Pradesh, often called the ‘Heart of India’.

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Christmas Tour

Christmas Tour in Sudan

22 – 30 December 2011

Visit some of the most impressive ancient monuments in Sudan focusing on the two major centres of the Kushite Kingdom, seeing extraordinary pyramids and spectacular desert scenery.

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Multi coloured Temple, India

Temples of Southern India

20 February – 8 March 2012  with Hilary Smith

Hindu, Jain and Buddhist shrines pepper lush Southern India, land of traditional agriculture and temples thronging with pilgrims, elephants and flower sellers.

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Jovan Kaneo Church at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Orthodox Easter in The Balkans

29 April – 10 May 2012  with Dr William Taylor

Spend Orthodox Easter in the Balkans on a tour through the region’s rich historical and religious heritage. Travel through the dramatic scenery and impressive UNESCO site of Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo.

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Sumela Monastery

Northeast Turkey and Georgia

16 – 29 June 2012

A rarely visited region of green valleys, isolated villages and early Orthodox churches. Explore impressive remains and venture into the land of Jason and the Argonauts.

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Late Availability

A Serbian Journey

3 – 11 July 2012  with Dr William Taylor

Explore Serbia's rich history and culture, looking specifically at frescoes, spirituality and artistic heritage.

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Sarcofagos at Karajia, Peru

Northern Peru’s Pre Inca Civilisations

September 2012  with Roger Peter

Northern Peru offers some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the Americas and a fascinating insight into the pre-Inca culture.

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Xinjiang Province

High Tartary - China’s Xinjiang Province

4 – 19 September 2012

View a heady cocktail of breathtaking scenery and the incredibly rich archaeological, textile and textual legacy inherited from the Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Province’s early Buddhist, Christian and Manichaean settlers.

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MS Kasr Ibrim, Lake Nasser

Upper Egypt - Lake Nasser and Aswan

17 – 25 September 2012  with George Hart

Travelling comfortably by land and water, this relaxed tour seeks to unlock the treasures of Upper Egypt.

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Kitchener Island, The Nile

Egypt - Classic Nile

22 September – 3 October 2012  with George Hart

Travel through 3,000 years of history, with an in-depth look at the myths and rituals of one of the mightiest civilisations of the ancient world.

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Mass Games, North Korea

North Korea - The Hermit Kingdom

7 – 18 October 2012  with James Hoare

North Korea’s almost total lack of any tourism and self-imposed isolation where little has changed in decades is reason enough to visit this intriguing country.

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Easter Island - Moia with Red Pukao or topknots

Late Availability

Easter Island In-depth

1 – 13 November 2012  with Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Trace the remarkable history and archaeology of the Rapa Nui as part of this in-depth exploration of the key sites of the unique Easter Island.

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Angkor face up close, Cambodia

Laos and Cambodia - The Khmer Empire

8 – 25 November 2012  with Nick Ray

Trace the development of art and architecture under successive Cambodian kings as you journey through Laos and Cambodia, culminating with the atmospheric Angkor.

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Ellora, Deccan region of India

Deccan Heritage Tour

10 – 20 February 2013

Explore the Deccan region of India, an area littered with monuments of historical and architectural importance.

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Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico

Ancient Mexico - Aztecs to Zapotecs

27 March – 13 April 2013  with Warwick Bray

On this personal journey explore the country's diversity, from Aztec temples amid Mexico City’s urban sprawl to the more traditional areas of Michoacan and Oaxaca.

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El Djem Amphitheatre, Tunisia

Ancient Tunisia - Colony and Empire

6 – 16 May 2013  with George Hart

Tunisia's development as an important trade centre ensured its centre-stage role, leaving a richly decorated chronicle amply illustrated by Tunisia’s many fine museums, sites and monuments.

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Aphrodisias | Western Turkey

New Tour

Turkey - Forgetten Ruins of Western Turkey

10 – 18 May 2013  with Jeremy Seal

This tour is designed to provide a stunning reminder of the sheer abundance of Western Turkey’s ancient Greek, Roman and Carian sites, focusing as it does on little-visited gems in the most picturesque of settings.

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Khor Virap Church and Mount Ararat, Armenia

Armenia and Georgia - Ancient Lands of Transcaucasia

12 – 25 May 2013  with Dr William Taylor

Explore the rich Christian traditions and art in these picturesque countries and view the superb architectural heritage visible today.

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Tibetan Landscape © Gina Corrigan

A Photographic Tibetan Adventure

11 – 28 July 2013  with Gina Corrigan

Travel into seldom visited parts of Eastern Tibet, crossing a wide range of landscapes in the expert company of Gina Corrigan.

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The Terracotta Army, China

Kyrgyzstan and China - A Journey along The Silk Road

23 August – 9 September 2013  with Iain Shearer

Explore the rich treasures of this scenic region by visiting some of the key stops on one of the oldest and most notorious of trade routes – the Silk Road.

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Albania - Landscapes of Illyria

3 – 11 September 2013  with Rowena Loverance

Atmospheric Greek & Roman cities, mountainous scenery and friendly locals make this fascinating tour in the Illyria of ancient times.

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Geisha Tourists

Japan - Textile and Photographic tour

10 – 23 September 2013  with Gina Corrigan

On route see the fascinating contrast between Japan’s modern and traditional architecture as well as some of the country’s most spectacular Buddhist and Shinto temples and gardens.

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Caucasus, Georgia

Georgia In-depth

13 – 25 September 2013  with Dr William Taylor

Georgia has a unique Caucasian culture, a rich Christian Orthodox heritage, dramatic mountain scenery, excellent food, superb wines and a deeply rooted tradition of generous hospitality and song.

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Limited Availability

Uzbekistan - Beyond the Oxus

20 September – 1 October 2013

Delight in the art and archaeology of the fabled cities of Samarkand and Bukhara on the western Silk Road.

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Volubilis Archaeological, Morocco

Late Availability

Morocco - Imperial Cities and the Atlas Mountains

23 September – 4 October 2013  with Sylvie Franquet

A trip designed to showcase Morocco’s fascinating history, stunning Islamic architecture, vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes.

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Saint Isaak Cathedral, Italy

Byzantine Italy - Ravenna and the Head of the Adriatic

1 – 10 October 2013  with Rowena Loverance

Explore the Byzantine civilisation's rich legacy of art and architecture. Visit famous sites housing fascinating monuments and buildings of this period.

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Registan Square, Uzbekistan

Limited Availability

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - Fabled Silk Road Cities

3 – 18 October 2013  with Iain Shearer

This tour combines two of Central Asia’s most magical countries, linked by their shared importance along the legendary Silk Road.

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Petra, Jordan

Late Availability

Jordan - Roman cities, crusader castles and desert citadels

7 – 16 October 2013  with George Hart

Travel the length and breadth of this small country, including the ‘Rose Red City of Petra’ one of the new ‘Seven Wonders of the World’.

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San Agustin

Late Availability

A Colombian Journey

13 – 26 October 2013  with Sarah Woods

A land of extraordinary natural beauty and diversity, as well as a remarkable history. From Bogota, head to the archaeological ruins of San Agustin, then north to the characterful city of Cartagena.

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Temples at sunset, Bagan, Myanmar

Late Availability

Burma - Golden Earth

18 – 31 October 2013  with Rory Maclean

Explore the spectacular historical sites of this enchanting and unspoiled country.

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Roman Algeria

19 – 28 October 2013  with Iain Shearer

Today it is rare to find a country so devoid of tourists and yet with such a rich architectural heritage. Five centuries of Roman domination and culture have left a timeless legacy in Algeria’s fine Roman remains.

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Focus on Textiles in Laos

New Tour

Focus on Textiles in Laos

17 November – 1 December 2013  with Dorothy Reglar

This specialist journey begins in Bangkok amongst the 400 glittering Buddhist temples, then head into Laos for a introduction to its textiles and village ways of life.

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Tikal, Guatemala

Late Availability

The Maya World - Guatemala and Honduras

19 November – 4 December 2013  with Carlos Vivar

This tour traces a great triangle through the spectacular Maya World. Visit some of Central America’s most scenic locations and explore the rich and vivid Maya culture, ancient and modern.

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Soleb, Sudan

Sudan - Upper Nubia, The Edge of Empire

25 November – 6 December 2013  with Aidan Dodson

A crossroads between Africa and the Mediterranean world for millennia, explore Nubia’s unique fusion of local and Egyptian art and religion.

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Wadi Rum camels, Jordan

Christmas Tour

Christmas in Jordan

22 – 28 December 2013  with Jennifer Scarce

Enjoy Christmas amidst the diverse landscapes of Jordan, from the ancient Roman site of Jerash to the magical rock cut city of Petra and the star filled skies of Wadi Rum.

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Traditional mongolian landscape

Late Availability

Mongolia - Land of Nomads

1 February – 14 January 2014  with Jane Blunden

Enjoy a general introduction to this traditional country. Discover how Mongolia is reasserting its strong nomadic roots, while exploring its interpretation and expression of Buddhism.

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Rajasthani Man and Camel - Naguar Cattle Fair

New Tour

North India Uncovered - A Classic Introduction

1 – 15 February 2014  with Louise Nicholson

This Indian adventure is a feast for the senses, you will experience all sides of colourful Rajasthani culture, from the vibrant cities of Mumbai and Delhi to the display of elaborately decorated camels and cattle at the annual Naguar Cattle Fair.

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Wahiba Sands, Oman

Late Availability

The Sultanate of Oman

1 – 11 February 2014  with Tony Walsh

Explore some of the seafaring nation of Oman's 1,000 mile plus coastline, travelling though varied and often spectacular scenery.

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Isandlwana, South Africa

New Tour

South Africa - Battlefields and Game of KwaZulu Natal

3 – 12 February 2014  with Rob Caskie

Hear Rob Caskie’s deep understanding of Zulu and Boer War history and witness the wildlife rich Nambiti Game Reserve.

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The Monastery, Petra, Jordan

Jordan - Ancient Treasures of the Hashemite Kingdom

12 – 21 April 2014  with Jennifer Scarce

Travel the length and breadth of Jordan, a country synonymous with 10,000 years of historical events, the Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, Moses, the Prophet Mohammed and Lawrence of Arabia.

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Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - Fabled Silk Road Cities

1 – 16 May 2014  with Iain Shearer

This tour combines two of Central Asia’s most magical countries, linked by their shared importance along the legendary Silk Road.

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Cave Art, Dunhuang, China

Late Availability

Kyrgyzstan and China - Journey along the Silk Road

22 August – 8 September 2014  with Iain Shearer

Explore the rich treasures of this scenic region by visiting some of the key stops on one of the oldest and most notorious of trade routes – the Silk Road.

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Orthodox Holy Trinity Byzantine style Church, Near Berat

Albania - Landscapes of Illyria

31 August – 9 September 2014  with Rowena Loverance

Atmospheric Greek & Roman cities, mountainous scenery and friendly locals make this fascinating tour in the Illyria of ancient times.

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